Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Best Of Bridge Holiday Classics: Final Food Gifts

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone! This is it, the very last day to squeeze in that last minute gift shopping as well as wrapping.I hope most of you have not come to that and are relaxing with a nice cup of hot cocoa.However for the ones that couldn't find the time and are stuck on a person they have no idea what to get for this year. I can suggest a great solution to your gift dilemma. How about the quickest food gift you could ever create, that is extremely thoughtful and will not eat a hole in your pocket. 

Now who could say no to that? I wouldn't. That is why the bridges ladies have you covered this holiday season by sharing their delicious recipe for Crazy Crunch in the Best of Bridge Holiday Classics.This popcorn treat can be created in a quick 35 minutes tops and is perfect for just about anyone.Its also highly adaptable if allergies are a concern or to bring your own creativity to the mix.This recipe is simple to follow,budget friendly and most of the ingredients could be found in most pantries during this season,especially to an avid baker.

This will be the most memorable gift you will make this year and will be highly appreciated.So be sure to fill a charming Christmas tin with this homemade crazy crunch along with a nice ribbon on top and let it speak for itself. The receiver will be surprised how much work you put towards such a special gift and we will know how simple it really was to make.However its all about the flavor and texture of this popcorn treat and if it's a hit or miss.If they love caramel then your golden because this is a very crunchy and sweet caramel popcorn mix with fresh almonds and pecans pieces.It definitely delivers in flavor and is highly addictive.I would give anyone far warning before eating this crazy crunch

 So, if you're in a bind this Christmas eve for a gift.Then I highly recommend you make this special popcorn mix.This is definitely a two thumbs up recipe with great flavor and simplicity. So head on down to the kitchen and get started? "I dare yeah" "I triple dog dare ya"! Enjoy!

Lastly,for this Christmas eve,I thought I wrap up the Best of Bridge Holiday Classic cookbook for you and mention I had an excellent time. I love that each recipe was great for any level of cook or baker.The recipes were simple and delivered exactly as promised.Overall, I give a two big thumbs up to the Best of Bridge Cookbook.These ladies knew exactly what good homemade food was all about. "Simple recipes with gourmet results".I also say thank you and a Merry Christmas to all at the Robert Rose Incorporated.Also,thank you to all my lovely viewers,friends and family.I hope you all have a great holiday

Crazy Crunch

Yields about 10 cups(2.5 L)

2 quarts (2L) ( 8+cups) popped popcorn
1 1/3 cup pecans,halved
2/3 cups whole almond
1 1/3 cup granulated sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup margarine or butter
1/2 cup corn syrup

I popped the popcorn and measured 10 cups.I mixed the popcorn,pecans and almonds on a cookie sheet.

Then in a large frying pan over low heat.I combined sugar,vanilla,margarine and syrup.Once melted down.I boiled it for 10-15 minutes or until a light caramel color.

Then I poured the mixture over the popcorn mixture and mixed well.This has to be done quickly before the syrup hardens and sticks the pan.Then spread to let dry on pan.

My Tip: To avoid this issue all together.Mix the popcorn,pecans and almonds in a large bowl and then add the caramel sauce to thoroughly mix.This is quicker to combine everything and to spread quickly on a cookie sheet to dry.

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