Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Best Of Bridge:Holiday Classics: Desserts And Other Sweet Treats

This holiday season,I have the perfect after dinner dessert that is unique as well as elegant.A raspberry pecan tart with sour cream glaze is wonderful for special occasions and will amaze your family and friends,as along as everyone loves pecans that is?

The Raspberry pecan tart is an excellent choice for something different from the usual pie or cake served during the season.Its a dessert that is surprisingly simple to make and overall becomes a very decadent tart.Now the recipe itself is very easy and direct for everybody to understand,including plenty of tips and even room for adapting.However I've learned that its very important to always use a spring form pan for tarts as well as having plenty of time for prep along with baking.Beside those important tid bits it was a breeze to create such an exquisite dessert. Plus everyone will speculate you slaved around the kitchen all day for them, but we will know better.

Now with such an accomplished tart you must want to know what it tastes like? Right? Yes of  course, you do!.Well I will say right off the bat that this was a brand new flavor and texture experience for me.This tart had a delightful, buttery, flaky crust along with a slight lemon flavor. The fillings were of a sweet,smooth raspberry jam mixed with fresh chopped pecan while the top was layered with a lemony,buttery pecan mixture.Followed last with a delicious and rich sour cream glaze drizzled over top.So overall,this tart is full of unique flavors and textures,along with a beautiful presentation.This is one of my favorite tarts that I have made so for and I highly recommend everyone try it as well.

So to rate this Raspberry Pecan tart with a sour cream glaze.I will give it two big thumbs up for flavor,texture,appearance and simplicity.Also, just to let you know, there is still time to change your dessert line up for Christmas this year. So be sure to give this tart a chance to surprise you and come back soon to see a chapter all on treats that you can give as gifts this year.

Raspberry Pecan Tart With Sour Cream Glaze

Flaky Lemon Pastry Crust

1 cup all purpose flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup butter
1 large egg
1 tbsp grated lemon zest (replacement option 1/2 tbsp of lemon juice concentrated)


1 cup raspberry jam
1/2 cup finely chopped pecans
1/2 cup butter
3/4 cup granulated sugar
2 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp grated lemon zest (replacement option 1/2 tbsp of lemon juice concentrated)
1 cup finely chopped pecans


1 tbsp sour cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
2/3 cup confectioners (icing sugar)


I mixed together the flour,baking powder and sugar.Then I cut in the butter, until mixture resembled coarse meal.

Then I beat in the egg and lemon zest, until just combined.Did not Overmix! Then I pat down the dough onto the bottom of a well greased 10 inch springform pan and bake it at 350 F for 25 minutes,until the top was lightly browned.Allowed crust to cool.


I chopped 1/2 cup pecan, finely.In a small bowl,I stirred together the raspberry jam and the pecans.Then spread the mixture evenly over the cooled baked crust.

I chopped 1 cup pecans, finely.I creamed the butter and sugar together,adding the eggs one at a time,beating throughly after each.Then I stirred in the vanilla,lemon zest or juice, and the 1 cup of the chopped pecans,until blended.

I poured the nut mixture over the jam.Baked the tart at 350F for 40 minutes,until the filling was set and top was golden brown.Cool.


Stirred together the sour cream,vanilla and icing sugar.Then drizzled it over top the tart.Then its ready to serve.

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