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Christmas Chessy Appretizers

Don't you notice that many Christmas baked goods we see or bake ourselves are mostly in the sweet variety and don't get me wrong that is pure genius :P.However no one should forget or leave out all the great savory treats that are made. So I thought I enter in something savory and cheesy this time around.

I made some Cheese herb crackers inspired in holiday shapes that are best for seasonal/ Christmas parties as an appetizer.There is no party I have to go to and I am not setting up one, but that didn't stop me from making this cheesy morsels. I love that I could easily make it Christmas inspired and that it was found in a holiday recipe book. These crackers actually reminded me a lot of goldfish crackers, but actually richer in flavor assuming because there homemade and fresh.

This recipe was pretty basic to a past recipe I have done for a goldfish inspired cracker. With this cracker  there is the added strong cheddar and pre grated Parmesan along with a few herbs such as oregano and tarragon. Its a simple cracker to make and I suited the shapes to the season making trees, stars, gingerbread men, and bells :).

It had a strong cheddar aroma upon baking and has a rich cheesy flavor when eaten. They are really good on there own or with a dip of some kind. These are a crowd pleaser at any get together or party that can be made pretty quickly. You could even make the dough previously and freeze until you like to cut out the shapes and bake. They are very attractive to the eye and smell wonderful. I don't expect them to last very long at all.

Sadly, at this time I not able to locate the recipe that I used, but I'll make sure to look thoroughly through the magazines and books for it. I am looking through so many Christmas book to use recipe its hard to keep track sometimes.But for now I will link everyone to the previous recipe I have done for goldfish inspired crackers

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  1. ...from the bottom of my heart (and my sweet-tooth barren mouth) I THANK YOU.

    I love love love savory baked goods... no sweets for this sweetie.


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