Sunday, December 12, 2010

We Recieved The Giveaway

Checked the mail yesterday and found out that we received the "No Bake Ginger Bread Houses For Kids Book" from Suzie The Foodie Giveaway :D. Both my mom and I enter to win and she was the one that got her name picked out of the bowl for the book.Once she found out she won she told me that she give me the book once it got here since I really like baking and creating gingerbread houses.

Once she got it she told me to comment to Suzie back.If your reading this Suzie, My mom liked to thank you for the lovely raspberry card and the neat photo bookmarks/ business cards:D.We will have a lot of fun with making houses this year :) Thank you.

This is ultimately a great book to use and share with family and friends. I am really excited to figure out which house we should make and I am guessing something for the Christmas season since its December.I really love the fine detail of the photos in this book and the simplicity of the instructions. Really creative ideas for candy use and especially the best part no gingerbread is used :P.

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  1. So glad you got the book with enough time left to make a Christmas house! So glad to hear your mom liked my cards and Moo cards, LOL. Have a ton of fun creating, can't wait to see what you and your Mom come up with!


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