Saturday, December 18, 2010

Waiting Patiently To Do Some More Baking!

I have been battling a cold for a few days now and it has just hit its worst point yesterday :(. I did however get some baking done a little before I got the full effect of being sick. So I was able to get some posts done for everyone :). I am going to try to get plenty of rest and hoping this cold is gone by at least Monday so I can have a week left to do some more Christmas baking :D.

While I am still recovering, in the meantime I thought I share some treats with all of you, pictures that is :D

Here are some of my pictures of Christmas Holiday Treats I have made in the past before this blog was ever created :D.Hope you enjoy! 

 Chocolate Pecan Bites

Christmas Log Cabin( smarties, juice berries)

 Stained Glass Tree's( Jolly Rancher Candy,Watermelon,blue raspberry, apple,cherry and grape)

Lemony Spritz Cookies( Fragile) * sprinkles and peanuts*

Stay tune!
Good luck everyone on your Christmas baking!

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