Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Holiday Season Is A Upon Us

Krysta's Christmas creation for the holidays :D

December is finally here!  Is everyone excited for this years Christmas/Holiday season?

I am!,because that means I can finally start my Christmas/seasonal baking between Dec 1st till Jan 1st. You definitely cant stop with the last week of December, especially new years eve, it really needs the treats too :D.

I am super excited to flash around my recently new Christmas apron all month and finally use a few of  my birthday gifts for delicious treats.

All November I have found a lot of recipes I would love to do for this month and I do wish I could do all of them, but I know there best fit for another Christmas month in the future :D.

I have also put up a new Christmas background for everyone to enjoy all December long :D . Isn't that Santa super cute and its like you could just put him in your little pocket :).

So If your a baking nut like I am or just obsessed with Christmas. I recommend you subscribe or follow to keep up with the posts all December long :). You definitely don't want to miss it and I can tell you now you wont be disappointed. I'll be even talking about some great ideas for baking as Christmas gifts, since I'll be doing some myself. If you haven't tried , its a great way to show your love ones you care :).

So stay tune and keep watching :D

Happy Baking From LittleMissBaker :D~

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