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Its Christmas Eve!

Its already Christmas eve! :) and I'm still tired from all the baking last night. I really wanted to get everything done baking wise on the 23rd so I would have today as a nice relaxing day. 

My cold is a lot better, but strangely still kicking around, but no near how bad it was, yay :D. Just took a refreshing nap today because this weather just makes you want to sleep. Weather everywhere in Canada is horrible right now :(, but were at least lucky in B.C that its not as damaging as some being hit hard in the east coast of Canada and eastern states.

Been seeing some really nightmarish videos on the news and I'm so glad there has not been any deaths. It makes me sad how many people have lost there homes from being damaged from the weather and all the stuff they lost just before Christmas. Hopefully they can get through it and still have a good Christmas with family.

From that event ,I sure know what I am thankful for this Christmas. Its having all my close family near me and having a roof over my head in this weather :).

Anyways there has been some really good things that have happened recently here. I just finished all my baking for gifts and gave Dave this afternoon his little Christmas canister full of goodies and a favorite of his a small box of Jelly Belly's. It was all XOXO lol ( I don't kiss and tell lol) and thanks yous after that lol.

He gave me some really pretty purple/ black feathered earrings, which I am wearing right now :D. Dave knows that my favorite color is purple and I think I have obsession with wearing at least one or two items of the color :). So it fits me perfectly and very elegant looking.

Anyways I'll be posting as soon as I can on what I have made for those baked gift . I wont be posting anything till after Christmas so its a surprise for all the receivers :D.

Have a great Christmas weekend and great baking memories!

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  1. It sounds like there is a lot of love in your house this holiday season :)

    I am finishing up my cooking right now; just in time to get the presents wrapped and placed under the tree for my beautiful daughter.

    I hope you stay warm and have a Merry Christmas!


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