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Review of Namaste Pancake And Waffle Mix

For people that are avid followers and viewers of my blog you probably know all about the parcel of goodies I received just recently. For ones that have no idea what I'm talking about or are brand new followers, I'll tell you now that I won a giveaway package from Namaste foods.

What is Namaste foods you ask? Well its a company set in
Idaho, U.S that creates products for people that have common food allergies.Namaste is a company that you can trust to create safe food for everyone to enjoy.  Even for someone doesn't have food allergies can easily see what its like for themselves and I'm one of them.If you want even more information about Namaste then be sure to visit their site by clicking on the highlighted words above.

Namaste really tries to cover the board of all the common food products that many have allergies to.From research, I found all of Namaste products are gluten free along with being free of wheat,soy,corn,potato,dairy,casein,peanuts and tree nuts. They also have quite a few mixes to chose from and they even gave me three mixes of my own .For this post I chose to share about their pancake and waffle mix. I am a big lover of homemade buttermilk pancakes with chocolate chip so I'm pretty hard to sway for mixes;however I'll give anything a chance.Hope you enjoy!

For this mix I went the simple route and chose to make their pancake recipe on the back of the package. This product actually has enough mix to even use for a second batch of pancakes or another Namaste recipe. They even made sure to double package the mix and I assume they did this for safety reasons. It's also quite helpful for me because I am able to read the recipe flatten out on the counter and prevents flour flying about. The packaging tell you exactly whats is in the product and there is no big confusing words to figure out.Just clear and direct information.

In the picture above you can see the ingredients and equipment that I needed to create the pancakes and the only items not shown are the hand mixer and frying pan. You also might see the additional ingredient that I snuck in their, milk chocolate chips. The recipe directions were pretty simple and I'll even give all of you a breakdown of the whole process, including my opinion on the pancakes themselves.

The first step, I cracked in two large eggs in a large bowl and I highly recommend using brown eggs because they be an excellent choice for this.
Second step, I drizzled in 2 tbsp of extra light olive oil.The recipe didn't specify what kind of oil, so I went with what I had. Olive oil is actually better for you then any vegetable oil and has a great flavor.
The last wet ingredient was a choice between water or rice milk.I didn't have the rice milk available so I went with the obvious choice, water.Then I did some beating with a hand mixer till it was frothy and bright yellow.

Then I measured and leveled out 2 cups of Namaste mix and poured it into a large glass bowl. I proceeded to pour in the egg mixture.
I mixed all the ingredients together till it was nice and smooth using a hand mixer.No lumps in this batter. Also I assume a whisk could be used in replacement of a mixer as well.That's a basic pancake batter from Namaste.

Wait,Now whats this special ingredient?. I couldn't resist adding a handful of milk chocolate chips to give some sweetness.I folded them in and that its.Also a little note to everyone they are not allergen free chips.

Here I am setting up my frying pan with a little olive up to medium to high heat. While it was heating up I noticed the recipe said one batch makes about 6 , 4 inch pancakes;however it tells me no measurement.So I improvised and chose to measure about 1/4 cup of batter. I do wish they gave me a number of some kind so I would of been able to get the right size and thickness.

Each one evenly cooked on each side being crisp and golden.However the big difference is they don't rise that much and are a lot thinner then a homemade pancake.I assume they are not as thick because of the amount of batter used and gluten not being presence in the mix;however this is not a big deal to me.

Once I was done I had about four chocolate chip pancakes before I got really full. These pancakes actually reminded me a lot of original Betty Crockers Bisquick Mix ,especially in flavor and little in texture too.Bisquick even has a new mix that is gluten free as well.

The pancakes are thinner as I said before and slightly crisp.They do miss out a bit in being fluffy ,however the moisture and chocolate chips really help out these pancakes.The chips give that added sweetness and texture that it really needs.

I am a homemade buttermilk pancake lover and I get pretty specific in what I like. Overall I do wish they were a little fluffier and slightly sweeter on their own.For someone that does have these common allergies and doesn't want to give up waffles and pancakes then I recommend this mix. For someone that has no allergies and are a lover of homemade buttermilk pancakes like I am, I stick with homemade.We all have something we really like and stick with it.

Namaste does however get a pretty high thumbs up from me, especially for putting time and effort in creating a safe product for people. The flavors and texture may not be for everyone, but at least there are multiple products out there to try out.They are really looking out for people and dont want anyone to miss out on baked treats and pasta dishes. I feel the same way about it because I may not have allergies, but I don't want anyone missing out on the finer things in life.

Hope you enjoyed my review!

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