Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Food package, Photo Frames and Unique Nature

I just recently received some giveaway wins. I won two creative origami photo frames made by Debby Dyja at HandmadeBy Deb. They are super adorable and I love the patterns on them. If your asking yourself why I didn't put any photos in the lovely frames its because I don't have any picture just yet that fit.I'll have to look through some older photos or take some new ones.Anyways, thank you so much for the gift Debby!

I also entered and won a big giveaway at Theresa's blog called coffee bean kisses. I was sent a large parcel filled with goodies from Namaste, which is a company that makes food products for common allergies.If you like to know more information about the products and how there made, please check out Namaste website.I also like to say thank you to Theresa for the great giveaway and waiting for my return e-mail.

I'm really excited I won this package because they gave me all baking mixes, which fits perfectly for this blog and their a product I've never tried before.It will be a lot of fun to try out the recipe mixes and give my honest opinion about them in future posts. For me I don't have any common food allergies and I knock on wood right now that I never develop one;however I am very happy that company's are finally putting time and effort, including Namaste into making product for one's with allergies.No one deserves to miss out on delicious treats and I couldn't imagine myself without baking.

Anyways,Namaste gave me 3 mixes which include a spice cake,pancake and waffles and a pizza crust mix.I am very curious about trying the pizza crust because I've only ever made and eaten homemade or frozen pizza.So any mixes will be brand new to me.I also recieved a lot of other goodies as you can see in the picture.Everything in the photo, includes a Simple pleasure gluten free cookbook, living without magazine,Namaste tote bag, dollar off coupons, and recipe cards.

I'm very excited to give my own review on the  recipes mixes and to give my most honest opinion on the products for one's that have common food allergies or know someone that does. I don't want anyone missing out and everybody wants to know if these mixes are worth it.So be sure to look out for my reviews.

I also have a cute little story to share and its a little off topic.But anyways,I was recently at the beach with Dave when I found this really unique rock. I picked it up and saw that it was almost a heart, but one side was to long so I decided to placed it back down. However Dave grabbed it again by the long side and jokingly said I'm holding your heart.I laughed and told him what he said was incredibly corny. 

I kept the rock anyways because I thought its now part of a sweet memory and I can now create a heart to hold.The imperfect is always the unique.Have you ever found a great rock at the beach? Did it ever create a memory for you?Anyways, I'll be back again for more updates.Have a great week!


  1. Glad your package arrived! Enjoy baking!

  2. Glad your origami photo frames arrived safely, thank you for sharing them with your readers Berendina! Best,


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