Thursday, September 08, 2011

Best Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

 These are the best oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I have ever made and I can't even take credit for the recipe because these were created by the wonderful Chef Micheal Smith. He is my top favorite chef from food network Canada and has several shows including my favorites, chef at home and chef aboard. He has never failed me in the recipe department and so far on this blog I've reviewed his cheese & chive crackers, monkey bread and now his delicious cookies.It wont be the last recipe to get a review.

The cookies were super simple to whip up and include ingredients that almost anyone has in their pantry and cupboards.The recipe is also one you can memorize very easily since the directions are so direct and the measurements are very simple.I cant see anyone having a fail attempt at making these delicious cookies. Now thinking back to the cookies I wish I made them a little bit bigger in size because they were so good and you can't just eat one either.

One of the best parts about this cookie is its packed with chocolate chips and only a cup is used for the whole recipe. I even changed this slightly by putting in half semisweet and the other half milk chocolate. I wanted to create a chocolate combo that would balance well with the oatmeal dough and create an I love cookie.Meaning you get your strong, dark somewhat sweet chocolate along with your smooth mild milk chocolate.

However what stands out the most in this treat is the texture. It covers all the bases of soft,crisp,chewy and crunchy.What tops it all off though is no store bought brown sugar is used to achieve all these textures. Instead Micheal Smith cut out the middle man in the recipe and used a tbsp of molasses along with cup of white sugar. Essentially he made homemade brown sugar for himself  because he explains that brown sugar is basically granulated sugar with molasses mixed in.I've actually done this a couple times to use in recipes where I  needed brown sugar for texture and it was perfectly fine. I say using sugar this way is economical as well since you use a small amount of molasses for a large amount of white sugar.However for one's that might not like the flavor of molasses you don't have to worry about that because you wont taste any of the sort in these cookies.I give two big thumbs up!

I highly recommend you try out this recipe and give back your feedback here along with your own ideas you brought into the mix.I love hearing your opinion and thoughts on recipes I've tried myself.

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