Sunday, September 11, 2011

Guest Post- Featuring Krysta from The Random Adventures of the Rambling Artist.

Hello! I am Krysta, a long time friend to our awesome Dini! And for today (or this moment) I will be your  Guest host!
You know... I always thought my first guest blog post for Dini, would have some more obnoxious little dancing cupcakes. Perhaps causing some mischief. Nope, instead, you all get a taste of how nerdy some of her beloved friends are. 

I already announced my boo boo on my blog, but I hadn't really made a comic for it. Until Now!

I think this may help get out of my drawing slump that I've had for.... ugh, months! And when Dini first told me about it, I suddenly felt an urge to draw. I think I may be a bit rusty, but it's good to jump on the saddle.... And maybe someday soon, Dini will be a guest to my blog.

And before I go....I added a special... Feature to this photo I took of my T.V screen.

Don't they look like carrots!? I mean really.... When I first saw those guns, I suddenly wanted to eat some chopped up carrots..... And tasty dip..... Mmmm..... 

Anyways, back to you Dini! :P

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