Friday, June 25, 2010

Canadian Weblog Exclusive Interview

I got asked from the creator of Canadian Weblog Awards If I would like to do an Exclusive interview for my blog and the interview has been up on the site since June 21, 2010.

It all started when I sent an e-mail to the website asking how they chose who to interview and pretty much the creator told me she picks randomly to be as fair as possible and sometimes gets offers.Then in that time of her explaining how it works she asked me if I wanted to do an interview and I accepted the offered .

I was very excited to write and have my interview up there for everyone to see.I'm very impressed by the CWA and how they help give light to Canadian blogs that might of been hidden from the eyes.So I was honored to do the interview and bring light to my own blog and inspire others.

Check out the Canadian Weblog Awards. Nominate your favorite Canadian blog,read the interviews and check out all the amazing blogs in their categorizes.

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