Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bob The Builder Cake With Gift

Found this really creative digger cake from an awesome website called EasyCakeIdeas along with some other ones that I would love to try out in the future especially this one called the Pirate Ship Cake.This lady has got some really creative ideas for beauitful cakes such as for kids,adults,themed,holiday or just a cake for anytime of the day. I recommend checking out her website and trying some of the recipes for yourself.

I tried out the bob the builder cake, which I gave my nephew for his 3rd birthday.He got the toy front loader for a  birthday gift and some chocolate cupcakes, which were made to look like rocks.It was a lot of fun to assemble and it was pretty simple baking. I used my own chocolate cake recipe, which was a simple chocolate mayo cake and everything else I followed to her recipe. Their is some art to craft work involved with this cake, involving the characters, which includes finding printable bob the builder characters,coloring and gluing.All in all it is a really fun cake to make and will impress kids and adults at a birthday party.

The edible part of the cake is a mayo chocolate cake baked in miniature cupcake pans and dipped in a chocolate ganache to look like rocks.It's a really moist cake along with a really smooth chocolate frosting.There deliciously rich in dark chocolate and have a wonderfully light and airy cake texture.Its a really impressive cake with really simple instructions. So check it out and try them out yourself.

What I Did
  • Used a mayo chocolate cake recipe
  • Added two more characters ( Spud and the cat)
  • Used plywood for a cake board and wrapped light brown craft paper around it and taped it.
  • Used Oreo crumbs for dirt.
  • Front loader instead of a bulldozer


  1. Awwe! That is so cute.... and... I want to eat it....

  2. This is absolutely amazing, I love it!!


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