Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cutest Doodles Ever!

Today, when I sign on to Msn messenger, I was welcomed with a really nice surprise from my good friend Krysta. She sent me the cutest doodle/drawings ever and I had to definitely share them with everyone that follows my blog .


One of the doodles as you can see represents myself and how I love to bake.I will definitely being posting that little portrait of myself  as a profile picture, its just to cute to pass up. The second doodle she made me she brought in what my baked goods emotions would be like as you can see one is either scared to be eaten and the other is surprisingly happy about it. 

As you can see my friend really brings emotion, comedy,  and amusement to her drawings.She has a great talent for art and every drawing/doodle she posts on her blog either makes me laugh or be very amused by it.

So check Krysta's blog


  1. Awww I love all of them! And that is totally you, Dini! The drawing is so awesome, Krysta you're so talented :D

  2. hehe you know that drawing looks like you, when M (whose 3 years old) points at it and says "Look mama it's Dini!"


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