Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pack Full Of Flavor For Your TasteBuds

 A few days back,I was trying to find some baking I have not done in awhile to bring along for a random hang out with my boyfriend/fiancee.Calzones then popped into my head and I knew that he would love them.I also then realized why I don't make them all that often because they do take some time to make and sometime can be frustration with filling or putting together.This time when I made them wasn't a exception to the frustration I had with putting them together. It just wasn't my day in baking, but I pulled through and did the best I could in making them without totally giving up.

All was well though because David was impressed by them and we ate seven of the mini calzones.The eighth mini calzone went to my little nephew(Mathew) before we left because he ask me" what are those Dini?, I want one"*giggle* *big smile*.I would say hes my best critic and loves all the cookies or pizza related baking I do.It brings happiness and achievement when given a compliment, big smile, or just a simple "yummy" from a person when they try out your baking.It really means your skill and handwork has paid off in the end when someone else enjoys it as well.

 These mini calzone are filled with the strong intense aroma and flavor of sauteed garlic and onions.Along with   Italian spices and  tomato sauce absorbing all those flavors to make a delicious filling. Then all  those delicious tastes attach to an absorbing magnet we call dough.Then there is a little rising involved and baking. Then *poof* magic and then appears some deliciously golden colored calzones ready to be devoured. Now doesn't that sound easy, in the blog world of writing.

These calzones are simple to follow in recipe, but you do need to know some level of skill in preparing and putting together.As I said before I had some trouble keeping them together at times. However, its way more difficult to make the mini calzones has I did  then just making the original recipe of four large calzone.This is because there simpler to keep together by there larger size and easier to keep the filling from spilling out. All I wanted was to make more calzones in smaller size then just large ones.Next time,I"ll be just doubling the recipe to make 8 large ones and plus you get way more filling.This recipe certainly has given me a learning experience and I'll definitely try it out again for the future.

What I Did:
  • Made 8 small calzones by using the top of a glass for a cookie cutter.

Calzones ( Written By Berendina Dykema,High school recipe)
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Yield 4 lg calzones

7ml fine yeast or quick active 
2ml sugar
1ml salt
225ml  all purpose flour
75ml hot water
15ml oil
15ml diced onion
½ clove garlic or whole(minced)
7ml oil
75ml tomato sauce
1ml Italian spice
100ml mozzarella or cheddar cheese

1.Measure 225ml flour.Add 200ml of that flour to a bowl and add yeast,stir.
2.Stir in sugar and salt.
3.Mix water & oil, add to flour mixture, stir into ball.
4.Knead  for 5 minutes using the 25ml of flour left.
5.Rise for 20 minutes.Place in bowl, cover with cloth and place in a warm place.                              
6.Divide dough in four, roll into circles,8 inches thick. ( For my  8 small calzones use the top of a glass cookie cutter.
7.Add  approximately 15mls of filling to circle & 30ml cheese.( Of course for small calzones you add less filling ,approximate how much)
8.Moisten edges with water, fold in half,press edges with fork and let rise for 30 minutes.
9.Bake at 375F for 25 minutes.

    1. Dice & mince onions and garlic, add oil to frying pan and saute  for 3 to 4 minutes, once done add to a small bowl.
    2. Add tomato sauce and spices.


    1. Yummy calzone recipe, like the idea of mini ones, can never eat a full size calzone, hate the waste. These will be good as a change.

    2. those look pretty damn good...

    3. I love calzones, just love them. I may haveto give this a try, thanks for the idea!

    4. Anything pizza is always yummy :) Hey if you have any recipes for blackberries I can always brings some over for you. We have about 20lbs of blackberries frozen in the freezer already!!!

    5. I haven't yet seen any blackberry recipes recently, but ill keep a look out:)


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