Sunday, May 29, 2011

Great Big Cupcake Giveaway At Cozy Home Scenes!

Lenny the Cupcake is excited about finding this giveaway!

Right now "Cozy Homes Scenes" is having a great big giveaway to win cupcake supplies! If you love to make cupcakes or just love to bake,then this is something for you. :).  This whole prize pack is value at more then $30 and some of the items include a cupcake cookbook and a really cute cupcake apron. 

So if your interested in entering this giveaway click the highlighted red link. Also for more information this contest ends on June 5th and is open to U.S and Canadian residents :). So hurry on down and get your entries in because you dont want to miss out on this. 


  1. I love this! Did you do these illustrations? They are fab!

    So glad i found your blog ^_^


  2. @Hearthandmade

    Hey Claire,

    Thanks for visiting and for the compliments :). Also to answer your question, I'm not the one that makes these great drawings. My good friend Krysta does them and she has her own blog as well of her art.I wish I had her talent for drawing :). If you like to see more of her art, click this link



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