Sunday, May 29, 2011

Keeping Myself Entertained

Picture of me with my new haircut I had a couple months ago. Doesn't it look like a author shot that could be on a cookbook  :P

No new baking today :(. However its still exciting over here because I've been receiving  lots of coupons including one for a free box of cereal! Woot! and I have two giveaway wins that will be here anytime.This time its jewelry wins and they are beautiful pieces. I'll have to take some pictures of me wearing them with some outfits I think would suit them well.Plus I have some freebies I sent out to receive. It is giveaway wins and freebies that make checking the mail awesome.

 Now your probably wondering what I sent out for free samples umm. Should I tell you or keep it a secret? ummmmmm... ehh I cant keep a secret at all lol.  Well I sent a few and I'm still searching for more because Its quite addicting once you find a few and then find more. For me there's so many freebies I miss out on being in Canada, but I love supporting Canadian product so its perfectly fine with me and great to others letting us try out their samples :). 

Now back to what I sent out. Well for my favorite that I'm excited to get is a chocolate sample and I know everyone here will love to try some. Plus I have another food sample of a free coupon for a family pack of chocolate milk. Also don't be discourage that you don't have these samples because their are ton of sites out their where you can find them. It was really easy for me. Try typing in Canadian free sample and your bound to find something you like.

Also I'll be sure to even give a review of these samples since I have a blog at my disposable and I'm not that cruel to talk about it and then never keep going with it. Or maybe I am cruel to talk about eating chocolate lol But don't worry its not all food  I also sent for some beauty products and a few other products I like. However I am still waiting for the good stuff to show up online I assume summer is the best time :). haha maybe I'll be mean and take pictures of the food samples as well lol.

I think I have addiction to entering giveaway and freebies though, but it so much fun and its great to find surprises in your inbox that isn't junk mail lol :)

Well everyone have a great weekend and check out those freebies. I know I'll be.

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