Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Recent News And Baking

I am finally getting into the mood to start up my blogging again. So I guess I'll take it slow by sharing with you guys my most recent baking and what has been happening overtime.

Since my last post I have been keeping busy with baking and doing some exercise here and there. I also won a giveaway of a beautiful vintage brooch that I gave as a gift for Mother's day and just recently I won 3 new giveaways. As of now I am waiting till they arrive;however one of the gifts is a silpat baking mat and I am super excited to try it out for the first time. I've heard nothing but good things about it and the professional pastry chefs use them so I guess I can't go wrong. So has anyone tried the silpat baking mat? and what are your thought on it? I would love to hear from everyone :)

Anyways I guess everyone was wondering where "The Art Of Baking" was, no new blog posts!:S. Well don't be worried I just took a break and I am making sure blogging doesn't consume me to much.I follow by doing it for fun,doing it when I want to and when I feel inspired.For baking I've done a few new baking recipe here and there. But mostly going back to my trusty recipes I've done over and over. But for my most recent baking I made a cake for David 21th Birthday for Saturday. I chose to make a chocolate banana cake with a egg white frosting. Simple and beautiful!


  1. Welcome back! I had to step back and breathe a bit too. It can be exhausting. Congrats on winning all those blog giveaways. I see the food photography book is already rubbing off on you, that is a stunning food photo. Well done!

    I prefer to use parchment paper to silpats but for making tricky treats like lace cookies or Parm crisps, these are the best tools in the world.

  2. that cake looks delicious! :) I'm not much of a baker, but i try from time to time..lol. Hope you can check out my blog for some +vibe and inspiration! i am also hosting a pretty cute giveaway! XO-im from bc,too!

  3. Yummy cake! also, how lucky r ya?! haha so many giveaway wins! That's awesome.
    I think Silpat is great for baking. I personally use it for my RAW baking because it looks better than stacking parchment paper.


  4. @Fi, Platters n' Splatters

    It was yummy and I you cant even notice that some of the cake cracked so I had to frost it together lol. Frosting solves everything :)Yeah. I must have a lot of luck espeically when I won two giveaways in one day. I'm excited to try out silpat and hopefully it gets here soon because Canada post might go on strike starting next Wednesday eck

    Oh yeah Raw baking :). My sister has a blog and she does some raw baking/cooking to. http://livingfoodjunkie.blogspot.com/

  5. @Suzie Ridler

    Thank you Suzie!

    The book definitely has rubbed off on me and it will be very useful towards me when I eventuality take some photography courses along with a baking program. Those two things seem to go hand in hand.

  6. @Carolina

    Thank you Carolina! Yeah I wasn't really into baking passionately till I was like 16 or 17 and being almost 21 now. So I take my time and learn. I make a lot of mistakes but thats good because its a learning curve. If you get back in there you might surprise yourself :).

    I'm following your blog and it is a really cute giveaway and I entered as well. B.C girls!wooo! lol


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