Friday, April 06, 2012

Family Visit & Apple Cinnamon Upside Down Cake

On Monday, in the afternoon I made Martha Stewart's Apple Cinnamon Upside Down Cake for a special treat to serve to family that were visiting from the states.Everyone that had a piece gave me some really great compliments about it and one person even had two big pieces.They told me that they really loved it and that the best part is the edge of the cake. I totally agreed with that because its the most caramelized and sweet part of the cake.Drool....

Upside down cakes are one of my favorites and I wish I made them more often.But I don't always have fruit on hand, fresh or canned.So they seem to be kept for special occasions and they are delicious enough to be kept that way.This cake that I made is the first one I've ever done with an apple topping.Most upside down cakes I have made are with a pineapple topping and you will see most recipes with this fruit.Its a great combination with a sweet and sour flavor.

For the topping of this cake its flavor and textures are a lot different.You will get moist,sweet,tender apple slices with a delicious sweet syrup glaze.These apples which are gala really absorb a lot of the flavor from the brown sugar to create that shiny glaze.Of course any kind of fat like butter or margarine really helps.These cakes are super easy to make and seem to display really well.

For this recipe. It was pretty easy to follow and no big problems. I would however change a step they had so I can save time and maybe even prevent a mess.I would choose next time to only rub the sides of the cake with the butter/hard margarine and then melt the rest to coat the bottom.Be a lot faster then just rubbing all the 2 tbsp of fat to the cake pan.

Now arranging the apples slices was the funnest part of making this cake and I say the least fun part was all the dishes this recipe created. Lots of separate bowls being used to mix the dry,wet and then measuring the milk.There's also the alternating part of mixing in the dry and then the wet, so on and so on.I have no problem with this because it helps everything mix well together,but some may find it time consuming.

This cake baked really well,cooled at about 30 minutes and even inverted well out of the pan.However when I inverted it my cake did crack a little bit, but no worry's the apple topping basically covers any errors.Besides that the cake was delicious and one of the best homemade apple upside down cakes second to pineapple upside down cake.