Thursday, April 19, 2012

Love With Food Box Sample:Ginger Chews Original And Spicy Apple Review

Remember when I mentioned I received a sample box from Love With Food.Well I decided to share about some of the food samples.Anyways,all of the opinions shared here are from me and my close family members.

The first sample we all tried were the Gluten-Free Ginger Chews from The Ginger People.I received four of each of these, which were original and spicy apple.At the time of review, I took one candy from both flavors and cut them into four pieces to share with everyone.I did this because were all pretty sensitive to hot and spicy.

When I tried both the original and spicy apple, the texture was extremely chewy, hence the name.It got stuck in my teeth and I think its best to let it dissolve a little bit before chewing.However that's easier said then done with chewy candies.

Now for the taste,the original had a strong flavor of ginger and hit everyone very quickly with the heat.It continued to linger after it was gone.It also wasn't very sweet and I find just heat in a chewy candy very strange.In the end, me and my family didn't really care for this flavor because we are not hot and spicy lovers.

Now for the Ginger Chews Spicy Apple.We actually liked this one way better then the original because it was sweeter.It had a sweet apple cider flavor,which lingered and then the heat kicked in at the end.However none of us really care for heat so we can't really say that these were our favorite samples. So since I knew no one would volunteer to eat them I ended up giving the rest to my boyfriend Dave who likes hot and spicy foods.This was great because nothing went to waste in the process.

These were very unique candies in flavor and texture.I know who ever loves hot and spicy along with ginger.Will love these. It was pretty fun to sample even though in the end they weren't our favorites.But I know Dave liked them :).