Thursday, April 12, 2012

Review Of D'Italiano Italian Style: 100% Whole Wheat Thick Slice Bread

Recently,I received two freebie coupons to review any Wonder+,Weight Watchers,D'Italiano or Country Harvest products, made by Weston Bakery's.I do have to thank Carmela from Argyles Communication for being so generous to offer me product to review.Thank you very much!

When I received these in the mail I was super excited and very surprised that I had four different products to choose from.I definitely like variety and the product I chose to review was the D'Italiano 100% Whole Wheat Thick Slice Bread. Its a bread I have never tried before up till now and the only others I have had are their Original and Crustini buns.Both I highly recommend for any up in coming picnic's or BBQ's.

Now this D'Italiano Italian Style bread is very different from the original because its made with 100% whole grains and contains 7 sources of nutrients.Overall, it is healthier even though it has a higher calorie count then their white bread 180 to 200;However bread as always been high in calories so when choosing you got go with flavor and texture.So in the end, I choose whole wheat because I like the flavor way more and it still has similar attributes to the original, such as texture and thickness.Its light,chewy and moist plus I would say the only difference would be its not as doughy compared to the the original,which I think its a good way to go for bread.I also have to add that this bread may contain sesame seeds,milk products,egg products,soy products or sulphates.So anyone allergic to these items ,please avoid this product completely or eat at your own risk.Anyways,they added more flavor and healthy ingredients without changing to much.

The D'Italiano bread is also known for having very thick slices compared to most brands,which is a really great aspect for them because these slices can take a hit with any heavy layered ingredients.Meaning it can take a lot of flavor and can be used in many recipe creations.D'Italiano even offers recipes on their site for everyone to try out.They have also posted all the Canadian recipe submissions for the D'Italiano Cook-Off Challenge and picked the five finalist.I have seen many creative and simple recipes from people all over Canada using the whole wheat bread. I definitely recommend to check it out.


French Toast Stuffed With Peanut Butter And Banana

For me, I never joined the challenge or submitted a recipe;but I did help spread the word about the contest through my blog.Also, just recently I did two recipes using the 100% whole wheat bread to share for this very review.One is adapted from a recipe on the back of the D'Italiano bread package for Chocolate Hazelnut Banana French Toast.Sounds delicious doesn't it? Well Instead of that idea, I ended up downsizing the recipe from four sandwiches to one and made the filling peanut butter and banana.It was super easy to make as you can see in the picture below and recipe.

In the recipe,I used two slices of 100% whole wheat bread, which helped to hold and absorb the egg mixture very well to create the stuffed french toast.It help create a soft,moist,spongy and slightly crunchy breading.While the filling included Kraft smooth peanut butter and 1 half of a ripe banana.These only continued to compliment each other as a combination.The peanut butter stayed melty and rich while the banana gained flavor through warmth and gave overall sweetness to the dish.Both brought a gooey texture and kept everything quite moist.I would of maybe liked another stronger texture in this french toast,maybe a little crunchier.Overall, this french toast was very good and super filling.I think next time I'll add a little icing sugar to the top for some sweetness.

French Toast Stuffed With Peanut Butter And Banana
(Adapted from D'Italiano French Toast Stuffed with Chocolate Hazelnut And Banana Recipe,Back of Bag )

2 Slices Of D'Italiano Italian Style Thick Slice Bread
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
2 tbsp milk
Peanut Butter-creamy or crunchy
1 half of a banana

Spread peanut butter on one slice.Peel banana and cut in half.Use only one half and then proceed to cut it length wise to create four slices.Place it on the other slice and then sandwich each together.

Whisk egg,vanilla and milk in a medium bowl. Place sandwich in the bowl and soak each side for 10 seconds. Then place in a medium heat greased skillet.Fry each side till golden brown.Place on a plate, cut in half and serve.


My Own Grilled Cheese Creation 

The second recipe I made was my own grilled cheese creation. I made one sandwich using two slices of D'Italiano 100% whole wheat bread and then adding some new flavor to give it a new kick. The thick slices of bread were great for this specific sandwich because it really crisped up well on each side and was able to handle a lot of heavy layers. The layers I had were two slice of process cheese and 2 slices of fried ham. Plus after cooking I added some green lettuce, 3 slices of tomatoes, sauté onions and some Kraft dressing to add some moisture.

The bread came out to be crunchy, thick and flavorful.It only continued to compliment all the sandwich layers.Overall, the sandwich was juicy and crunchy, while the flavors were everywhere.It was a sweet,rich,tangy,savory and smokey grilled cheese.I have to say its my favorite that I have made myself and the D'Italiano bread was an important part of it.If you really want to know how good this creation is then just try out the recipe below and be sure to pick up a loaf of D'Italiano 100% Whole Wheat Bread.

Hope everyone enjoyed my review and have a great day!

My Own Grilled Cheese Creation

2 Slices Of Thin Ham,fried
2 Slices Of Process Swiss Cheese
2 Slices Of D'Italiano Italian Style Thick Slice Bread
1 Slice Of  White Onion,Saute
Green Lettuce,Shredded (1 leaf)
3 Slices Of Tomato
Kraft Three Cheese Dressing
Salt and Pepper

I sliced two pieces of ham and fried them in a skillet at medium heat, till golden brown.Then I buttered the bread and only on one side of each slice.Then I layered it Swiss cheese, ham slices and then Swiss cheese again.Placed it in the skillet at low heat and grilled both sides till golden or darker.While it was grilling I chopped up about 1-2 tbsp of white onion about 1 slice of onion and threw it in the frying pan.I saute them till golden brown.When the grill cheese was done I split it open to sprinkle on the saute onions.Then I added the shredded lettuce, 2 slices of tomatoes, salt and pepper and drizzle on the dressing on the top slice.Place it all together to create a delicious grill cheese.