Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dairyland Review Part 3: Homogenized Milk,1% Chocolate Milk, And Old Fashion Buttermilk

Dairylands Homogenized Milk

Dairy land's homogenized milk is a rich, high in fat milk.It contains 3.25% milk fat and is about 160 calories for each cup.It is also high in calcium, Vitamin D and A.It is great to use for your cereal,desserts, baking and also in beverages.

For me, I purchased Dairy land's 4L Homogenized milk to test out.I'm an avid milk drinker and use it a lot when I bake frequently.I rarely use the full fat milks for recipes;however I thought to go this route. So of course I tried it out for drinking purposes first and my conclusion is that its quite smooth and rich.It will leave you with that infamous milk mustache.This whole milk will be great to use for special drinks such as chocolate milk,and alcoholic drinks.

For my second test, I paired Dairyland's milk with my favorite cereal, Multi Grain Cheerios.I found that the cheerios themselves had layers of flavors and the milk only help bring out those flavors more.The milk was quite similar to cream,which I sometimes add to my cereal for richer milk flavor.It will full you up faster then lower percentage milks and keep you satisfied longer. I think I ate that bowl of cereal so fast I can't ever remember how it tastes anymore.

So my conclusion is if you like richer milks with your cereals, beverages etc.Then this is the milk to buy.However it can be a bit pricey depending on the store.Since I picked up this one for $4.99 so it pays to look around and price check for your milks.

 1% Dairylands Chocolate Milk

As well as purchasing Dairylands milk I also had to pick up their 1% chocolate milk.I chose to get their 4L jug,which was a pretty hefty price of $5.89 at Save on Foods.However I love chocolate milk so much I just had to add it to the gift card list.If you want something a little less they do offer it in  250 mL, 500 mL, 1 L, and 2 L cartons and jugs.

This chocolate milk is made with 1% milk fat so it is a lighter version;however it is plenty rich enough to satisfied any chocolate addict.It is rich,smooth and chocolaty. It is so good cold and be great for alcoholic drinks such as Irish creams,coffee liqueur beverages etc.

It is also an excellent source of calcium,Vitamin D and A.So you can enjoy your beverage treat and grain some nutrition.To be more specific you will receive 25% calcium and 45% of vitamin D for every 1 cup.It's definitely not a drink to have as a staple in your kitchen;however would be great to use not just for beverages, but for recipes too.I only wish I had the time to make some recipes with this chocolate milk before everyone drank it all. Oh well,If its gone quickly it means it must of been pretty good.

 I also couldn't go without testing out a little garnish to my chocolate milk.Can you guess what I added? If you said Whipped Cream, your so right.It just adds that little fancy touch that makes me feel it should be served in a 50's diner.It brings that little extra creamy,rich flavor.Yum! Both milks were delicious!

 Dairylands Old Fashion Buttermilk

Now, I'm not the one to drink Dairylands Old Fashion Buttermilk on its own.However my dad loves the stuff so I had to get him to review it to make it fair.For me, I have had previous test tastings with this specific buttermilk and it was just not my kind of flavor. So to start, this buttermilk has 3.25% milk fat so we knew right away its going to be quite rich.In the end, my dad loved it and he told me that its rich,smooth,creamy and delicious.He also said we have to get more for drinking purposes and to repeat those delicious buttermilk pancakes again.So I guess in the end I have to give it a thumbs up especially if a family member loves it. Its definitely a unique flavor and you will either love it for a beverage or for a recipe.

I hoped you enjoy my Dairyland beverage point of view and be sure to tune in for my next review.