Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dairyland Review Part 1: Cottage Cheese Combo's

 Dairyland Product Review 

Part 1

I was so excited when Argyle Communication's offered me a chance to review Dairyland products that I just had to jump at the opportunity.They were so helpful with any questions I had and Dairyland themselves was so generous with a $50 Save on Foods Gift card. I was so surprised when I read how much I would receive and I definitely was able to get quite of few treats,which you will hear about very soon.So to make this short, I want to send a big thank you to Argyle Communication and Dairyland for being so generous and helpful.Thank You!

So for all of my loyal viewer, you most likely want to hear what I have been up too.Well, simply I have been keeping busy by working and reviewing Dairyland products.So to get this show on the road I will start by telling you about some of the products I have tested out so far.


Dairyland's Cottage Cheese Combo's is the first product I tested out.They are a product sold across Canada and can be found in store like Save on Foods,
Wal-Mart or any grocery store that carries Dairyland.There price can vary depending where you buy them and the package it self contains four snack cups with two fruit flavors.So it depends on the store and how much you want to spend.The store I got it from was Save On Foods for $4.99,which is a little steep for four snack cups,but hey I got it with a gift card so I'll splurge on myself.

When I first saw the package of cottage cheese combo's I found it very eye catching with its color scheme,title and detailed pictures.It definitely lures you in to try out the product even if your not a fan of cottage cheese.I also found they were able to get their information across in a very simple and direct way.I was able to know that the product was made with low fat cottage cheese,is high in protein, and contains 0.8% milk fat all without looking at the chart on the back.However the chart is also very useful and laid out very well that you can understand what your getting in each cottage cheese combo. As you can see both flavors have the exact same amount of calories,fat,sodium etc.However not all the ingredients are that easy to figure out so I recommend if your concerned is to do your research. For me,I'm here to review the product.

 From looking at the package to opening it up. I found that these snack cups were about the same size as yogurt cups and had the similar idea as yogurt with fruit on the bottom,however made with cottage cheese.This is actually a really great idea for these combo's and may even lure others to try them out.Some may find cottage cheese mixed with fruit is a strange combination, however they work quite well together.Cottage cheese is so rich and creamery like yogurt that it can be mixed with any kind of fruit.Definitely a combo to try out!

When I tired the strawberry cottage cheese combo, the texture was very creamy, light and smooth.The strawberries once mixed in together, created sweetness and flavor.It also gave a little bit of texture by the little chunks of strawberries.The strawberries also brought color to a very blend white and overall it was a very refreshing snack or dessert. It had just the right balance of sweetness and strawberry.I can see this being a very addicting little snack!

The second fruit flavor I tried was the pineapple cottage cheese combo.This combo goes in a completely different direction compared to strawberry,why you ask? Well you get way more texture and flavor.The cottage cheese is still creamy and light;however you get added texture from the pineapple tidbits.The flavor is also very sweet and tangy,which creates a really refreshing dessert snack.So overall, I would say its my favorite out of the two and I already want more!

Overall,both of these snack cups are really good and I want everyone to keep an open mind about cottage cheese because these are so much more then just that ingredient.They are a great healthy flavorful snack for breakfast, lunch,dessert or even for the kid's. So I do recommend you try it out for yourself;however I do have to say that the price can be a little steep for the amount you get.As I mentioned above I got these for $4.99,which is close to the amount you can pay for a large jug of milk.So just watch out for these when they come on sale to try them out or If you have the money to splurge like I did then go for it.

Well I hope everyone enjoyed my review and be sure to stay tune for more! I'll try pumping them out as fast as I can. Thanks!