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Happy 20th Birthday To Me!

Happy 20th Birthday To Me

Love this picture because its Hello Kitty and birthday cake. 

This is a really awesome picture that comes from a  really interesting blog called Hello Kitty Junkie, which features anything you could think of to know about it. If your a fan, have children that love hello kitty or just interested you wont be disappointed. I'm already looking at computer wallpaper and reading information :D.

Anyways, my birthday has been pretty relaxed so far and planning to spend the rest of the day with David . I had a family gathering birthday party on Saturday, which was really fun. I am really thankful for all the wonder gifts I received. The food was really delicious with all my favorites and the birthday cake was uniquely beautiful. The day to be explained in a nut shell was full of laughter and smiles.

I did some baking for my birthday as well the night before Saturday and made some spiced almond wafers from a really simple recipe from Martha Stewart . Every family member that tried them out at my party commented that they smelled and tasted very similar to Speculass(dutch cookies), meaning that there really good. On Saturday I also made some homemade dips called seven layer dip and spinach dip.They were really simple to make and were well received.

What I Did In Cookie Recipe:
  • Chopped almond into slices
  • Cut the recipe in half
  • Froze some of it for later use

Well coming to the end,I would like to thank all my family members for their hard work and their wonderful gifts :D.

I like to thank my lovely friend Krysta for her adorable birthday doodles she drew me and for the birthday wishes . Lastly, I like to thank all my face book friends for the birthday wishes and the future blogger birthday wish comments. Now go ahead and check out some of the baking related gifts I received.

Here the gifts!
Cupcake apron
  Gift from Maggie at living food junkie(older sister)

 Cake stencils,notebook for recipes

 Candy molds

 Paula Deen Cookie tins

Paula Deen recipe cards, Featherweight decorating bags and recipe note cards. 

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