Friday, October 08, 2010

Chocolates, Chocolates And More Chocolates

On Friday afternoon, I was really anxious to try out my candy molds I got for my birthday so I made some peanut butter cups.They were really simple to make and I recommend anyone that loves peanut butter and chocolate to use this recipe. They are even better then the store bought Reese's from what my family tells me. I  have never been a big fan of Reese peanut butter cups because I find them very sweet and artificial. I would always give away my Reese's when I was young from trick and treating. However, if your a Reese fan or not a fan like me you wont be disappointed at all with this recipe, I certainly wasn't.If there is a way to make anything homemade its usually the better choice for flavor and great texture.

For this recipe,I used my peanut butter cup molds and followed the recipe by using a miniature muffin tin with liners for a larger cup. Once I was done I still had leftover chocolate and peanut butter so I mixed them together and filled my heart shaped molds. So in the end I had small Reese cups,large Reese cups and hearts.

The peanut butter cups came out pretty nicely even with my alteration of using only milk chocolate and making different shapes. The texture was very smooth and had a great hard bite.The flavor was very rich in chocolate and peanut, there was nothing to complain about taste in these chocolates. The only set back I would say for me was making the heart shaped candies by mixing the peanut butter and chocolate together because It caused the chocolate to be softer and melt easier in room temp. However;they are still delicious and it doesn't matter much since they wont last long in this house.

I actually have a perfect example why these chocolates wont last long in this house.Once I was done making the cups  I gave a large Reese cup to my dad and he told me he only wanted half and I should have the other half.So he takes a bite and seconds later he tells me" Oh I'll have the rest", it made me and my mom laugh how quick he changed his mind, must of been really good. My sister and mother told me they were even better then Reese cups, so I was pleased how good the recipe turn out.

I definitely recommend this recipe and try your own ideas with it as well. I would say they be a great chocolate for Halloween and Christmas season. I plan on making chocolates for this Christmas season so watch out for some more chocolate posts in the future.

What I Did:
  • Miniature muffin tin with liners
  • Candy mold: peanut butter cups
  • Candy molds: hearts
  • Use just milk chocolate chips
  • Used salted butter

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