Thursday, October 07, 2010

Is There A Baking Community Website For Bloggers

Hey Everyone.

Recently I've been looking into finding a baking community website where you can showcase your blog and your posts along with a profile about yourself. If anyone has join one they know of or seen one let me know?
So far all  I've seen is either food communities or different ones such has healthy food communities. Is there a community site for the baker's, I would assume there is one out there somewhere. Ive seen blogs, where people can join other people and you do different projects at times. But in wondering if there really a website you can share your blog on.

Maybe I totally missed it, but let me know? Or maybe someone really needs to make one.


  1. Hi, Dini.
    Have you thought about joining The Daring Kitchen, or French Fridays with Dorie (a branch off of the Tuesdays with Dorie group?)
    There are a lot of other baking clubs out there too! They're a great way to meet people and bake out of your comfort zone.
    Hope that helps. :~)

  2. I've tried looking before, but I was unsuccessful. I'd love to join if one exists.

  3. Thanks Valerie, ive seen tho site as well, but im looking for one where there arent any specific rules you have to follow such as buying specific book and timing. I really want to find a site for anyone that does baking can add their blog and other can see as well. There lots of those I pretty much see for every other food topic


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