Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Homemade Chips, Salsa And Dip, Whats Not To Love?

Ever since Saturday's family gathering I've been really wanting to make my own homemade tortilla chips, but every recipe I see online is for store bought tortilla.So I chose to make homemade flour tortilla( from foodess) ,then take to the next level and bake my own chips with using "How to make homemade tortilla chips", which surprisingly uses no oils for the baking. I was actually wonderfully surprised how good they were, I thought they be a little plain tasting or not crunchy enough. However they were very crunchy and golden. They were better then the store brand because you can control exactly how much salt or seasoning you want, plus a whole a lot cheap for more.

They were very good on their own as a chip and went really well with the leftover seven layer dip I made on Saturday. I also had homemade salsa  left in the fridge and try that out as well. The sweetness/spicy parts of the salsa paired really well with the lightly salted flour tortilla chip.However the only difference I would say in the store bought vs. homemade. The texture is different in sense of thickness and crunch, depending on how thin you roll out your homemade tortilla.  I put two thumbs up for both recipes for their simplicity, healthier choices and being actually better then the store brought in my opinion, plus more of it always good.

If your a chip and dip fan try out these really awesome recipes that will please anyone at a party :D.

What I Did:

Tortilla Chip Recipe:
  • Used all of my homemade flour tortilla and cut them in wedges
  • Used seas salt for seasoning
  • Bake between 3-4 minutes

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