Sunday, October 31, 2010

Have A Spooky Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everybody!

Hope its a night full of spooky costumes, delicious treats and great costume parties :D.

Halloween is a night for everyone to get creative with their baking, decorating or costumes. Its a day to let loose and have a lot of fun no matter what age you are.

For my contribution to tonight's Halloween menu, I have made some delicious candy corn sugar cookies, which are two different flavors, vanilla and chocolate.Also, you will obviously notice that they look like two different cookies, but actually there the same recipe but altered by color and shape. The vanilla cookies were not prior chilled before baking and the chocolate were chilled. It's a silly mistake by me, but that comes with the territory in trying new recipes and baking. However; I'm glad that it looks like I made two different cookies and did more work lol :D

These cookies definitely pack a punch in flavor.The vanilla dough fits so well paired with candy cone and so does the chocolate. They are different from each other ,but all fit so well together. They are really sweet cookies and make me think I'm eating sugar cookie or candy corn ice cream if that exists?? ummm. The vanilla are crispy, thin and chewy while the chocolate texture is chewy and brownie like texture.Hopefully everyone at the get together likes them as much as I do and these cookies definitely need a good tall glass of milk.They are my favorite sugar cookies so far and I'm still welcoming myself to find a better and unique recipe.

I also have a spooky Fermipan pizza, which is a recipe I have used many times because its so simple and delicious .Its also really easy to double up the recipe to make two rounds or one large rectangle pizza. This time I went with making two rounds and added a little spooky flair to it by adding cookie cutter shaped mozzarella cheese bats and half-moons. I also added little black peppercorns for eyes so your able to notice where the bats are. The shapes didn't comes out as good as I thought they would because I think I needed a cheese that had less moisture.Its still however spooky for this occasion and a really simple way to bring a little creativity to the meal.

Well I hope these recipes strike your fancy for this year or next years Halloween.

Have a great Halloween and eats lots of candy!
What is your favorite candy to eat at Halloween?, mine is Twix or kitkat!

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  1. A very spooky display of cookies. Love the spiders aside...


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