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Alfredo Chicken Styled Whole Wheat Pizza

I just recently made another round of amazing whole wheat pizzas because the recipe was such a big hit .This time though I turned the tables and went with a totally different topping and sauce.I wanted to challenge myself and move away from traditionally so I went with a chicken Alfredo sauce. My toppings were a combination of chicken, onions, spinach and leftover stir fry vegetables. I basically used anything in the fridge that would be edible and go well with the sauce. Surprisingly all the toppings worked pretty well and balance each other out.

 For anyone that's never tried this pizza I have to say its very hardy and I got so full after three pieces, but its expected when you use a rich sauce like Alfredo :). For me, it was really different for my palate because my brain is so use to the same kind of sauce; however I really loved this pizza and now in the future I'll know exactly what its like without wondering. I love that my favorite sauce in pasta dishes has joined forces with another favorite of mine :). Its actually even better cold and the next day because all the flavors absorb into the crust so well. I actually prefer this whole wheat pizza crust and I most likely start using it as a regular recipe.

Now I have made Alfredo sauce before for pasta dishes and I have to say it has way more work behind it then a tomato sauce, but I have a really simple recipe for it.For me I went with making a fresh homemade sauce and by going this way it takes some time to make. So I recommend making it while the pizza is rising in the first round.The most time spent with this sauce is waiting for it to thicken and continuously whisking. During this time waiting I prepare the toppings and chopped ingredients for it to be ready. Time- management is very important for these kinds of recipes so everything is done at the right time.

I really like chicken Alfredo pizza  and I like it even more because its a homemade pizza, which is the best way to go when your craving it.There really easy to make and whole a lot cheaper then ordering. Get exactly what you want and can't complain about the lack of toppings since your the one that put them on lol.

So enjoy homemade pizzas!

Alfredo Sauce (Recipe written by Berendina Dykema, Italian Foods 11)
Yield: Enough sauce for 2-3 large pizzas.

90ml margarine
2 large cloves garlic, minced
70ml flour
600ml milk
150ml Parmesan cheese
2ml seasoning salt
4ml lemon juice

  1. Mince garlic; melt margarine in heavy bottom pot, med-to low heat, add garlic, saute, 3 to 4 minutes.
  2. Add flour and seasoning salt to melted margarine, stir (roux).
  3. Put on low heat, 2 to 3 minutes, stir constantly.
  4. Pot off heat,Add 25mls of milk at a time to the roux, stir in(use whisk).Mix till lumps are gone.
  5. Put on element, low heat, stir constantly till thick.
  6. When sauce is thick. Take pot off heat and stir in Parmesan cheese. Whisk till all cheese is melted.
  7. Add lemon juice, put on heat, stir constantly. Keep warm on low heat.

2-3(depends on size/preference) pre cooked chicken breasts, chopped (mix into the sauce)
Green onion, chopped
White onion, chopped
Frozen spinach -thawed
Leftover stir fry- zucchini and cauliflower,chopped slightly

Spread sauce, sprinkle on onions and stir fry. Add spinach last.Bake


  1. This looks so good. I've been looking for a homemade pizza recipe and this one seems delicious! I'm going to try this next week.

    I would love for you to link this recipe to "Look What I Made" on Monday.


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