Friday, February 04, 2011

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies!

Someone mentioned there was no cookies in the house so that automatically means I must refill the cookie jars with treats :D. This time I was with limited ingredients such as only 1 egg and no butter. So I sought out this P.B cookie recipe by Francie, which actually only uses three ingredients peanut butter, sugar and 1 egg. So I say there great cookies for people that are allergic to gluten or cant have butter. I am neither of the people that have this issue, but I love trying out different recipes and along as it taste good I'm game.

If your a peanut butter lover then you will love these because they pack a punch of flavor because its basically peanut butter holding these babies together :P. There a little fragile to the touch since they have no flour but as long as you bake them enough and let them cool completely they will be perfectly stable. They definitely have a different texture then regular peanut butter cookies, but there better in being more soft and crumbly. You will still need a full glass of milk with these little guys, but I think peanut butter is at fault for that :P.

 These cookies went fast probably a few days and I came out with a little more then 12 dozen cookies.These cookies would be great with some chocolate chips as well:P.The only down fall is I wasn't able to get them with crisscrosses very well.I tried my best though and maybe whoever tries this recipe will have more luck then I did.

Its all about experimenting and seeing what works in baking. Cant always put faith on what a recipe always says and expect it to turn out what the picture is or perfect. There is always trial and error with many recipes. Its very  frustrating to go through the errors and disasters. I just had one recently where I made a blueberry tart. The pastry shrunk and then busted in half when I released it from the pan when it was done baking. I still salvage it by piecing it together back into the pan and adding the filling. It at least got eaten and tasted really good, I'm glad it didn't get wasted.  This was mostly an appearance disaster and error with pastry rolling. Its still a great learning experience and this time I'll also be using my better pan for these fragile tarts to make it easier.

I at least got to try my pie stencils of a maple leaf.

We all have our disasters in baking and cooking, just don't let it put you off to try again. I am still having trouble with getting a good pie or tart, probably why my pastry section is very small lol. Its all about learning and everyone can do it. When anyone say I cant cook or bake. I think that's not true. If you put enough focus on it you can do it. Somethings comes along easier for some and others have to learn harder. We all makes mistakes in life,but it doesn't means we will never be able to do it right. Stay positive, or I at least try to as much as I can. This blog keeps me up in confidence.


  1. Well you had more recently peanut butter success than me! Nicely done my friend. About the pastry, did it break apart after baking? Sounds like there might have not been enough moisture or fat to bring it all together. It is all a learning process, I know. Well done!

  2. It was a homemade pastry frozen for future use. So it might of been not thawed enough and maybe rolled to much(would explain why it shrunk while baking). Yes it did break after baking when I try to release out of the pan (I think I should of let it cool first lol)

    It tasted awesome tho, all that counts in my book! :P


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