Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!


Krysta Johnson's Doodle For My Valentine's Post! , Thank You ! Its So Cute Krysta :D

Hope every one's having a good time and spreading all the love :).This day is all about being supportive and remembering who we love and care about :). The simplest things are the best kind I think such as giving someone a hug , spending time with friends or baking valentine treats to eat or give away, whatever you see fit :).

For me I already made my valentine treats prior to the actual day such as heart sugar cookies; however I do have a surprise for everyone in the next couple of days about another valentine's treat.If you know at all what it is I urge you not to comment what it is and leave it as a secret so its more fun that way :). 

I'll give you a slight hint though I made these treats yesterday and had to wait overnight for it to be done.That's all I am giving you till I post about them. Today I am going to try my hardest to squeeze in some picture taking for the treat with my other plans I've got going. So have a great day and have some fun :)

Stay tune for treats, you definitely want to hear about this :)

~Tootles ~

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