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Fun Free Chocolate Cherrio Review!

How And Where I Got It:

I ordered this free coupon on web I am pretty sure I saw a blog post from someone talking about the offer. I receive it in the mail and use it on June 21.

I found this new cereal at the Canadian Superstore and I was actually lucky to get it because there were none to be seen on the shelves.But lucky for us we asked and the lady found one last box of 12 in the back.

A funny thing about it is someone else was in the cereal ale looking for the exact item for her free cereal when the lady put it on the shelf. Everyone out and about getting their cereal :).

I was even lucky to order and receive this coupon so early because many people that sent for it recently are  being affected by Canada post strike. I feel sorry for the ones that didn't receive theirs since this coupon is only redeemable for one day which has passed, June 21st. Also the strange matter of it, is the expiry date says July.

Well for the ones that miss out on their chocolate cheerios. Don't fret their is a free coupon for shreddies cereal on their Face book page and it isn't a one day redeem. Shreddie Facebook Page ( hurry up! 20,000 samples are going fast!)


This cereal was actually pretty good. It wasn't overly surgery or strong like a lot of other chocolate flavored cereals. It had a good balance without being over barren on the taste buds. It's good with or without milk and I really liked it as a crunchy dry snack.I can imagine using it to make some delicious cereal bars. Yum!

It also has some healthier aspects too it. Its made with whole grain corn and oats, plus flavored with real cocoa. It's is low fat, has fiber and includes 6 vitamins. About 110 calories for 3/4 cup so almost 1 cup for 110.I can imagine many other cereal have a higher calorie count and don't taste as good. So I definitely recommend this product if your a cheerio and chocolate lover.

I would say the only downside to this product is the price is a little high for the amount sold. So If anyone is curious in trying out this product I would recommend finding it on sale or getting a coupon for money off.  Also if this new chocolate flavor sales well, they may bring out a bigger box!

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  1. I am curious to try these as a life long Cherrios fan (all types). I have not heard of the chocolate yet so I do not think it is available in the States. :( ~Val


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