Thursday, June 16, 2011

What Is New! Freebies, Giveaway Wins, Future Recipes!

A lot sure has happened since my last blog update :)  I won some awesome giveaways that I will be revealing and sharing about once I receive them . I tested out quite a few free food samples, which I plan to share about now, since it was a lot of fun last time I did it.  I also did a couple recipes that I will blog about in a upcoming post.

Anyways I have a long list of food freebies so I thought I do a small opinion paragraph for each.  I have had some pretty positive feedback about writing this way and its a really simple, fast and fun way to share information. Here we go.....

Funtastic Food Sample Testing

Nesquik Beverage!

How I Got It?

A freebie coupon on the Nesquik website (Coupon still running) There is a limited amount each day, so it's timing to get it. It is for one either chocolate milk or strawberry banana beverage. I chose as you can see the chocolate milk. I received the coupon in the mail and found the product at superstore.


 I found this product sold in the juice ale so it needs to be chilled for a couple hours before drinking.Ha! I tried a little bit warm, bad move on my part lol yuck!

Now this chocolate milk is pretty strong and rich for only 1 % milk. A little bit to strong for my taste, but that all depends on what you like. For me after a taste test I diluted all the chocolate milk with 1 % milk till I reached a balance in flavor and a bonus I got way more chocolate milk. This product isn't much different from their syrup or powder, its just in a convenient container. Whats new about it though  is its made with 25% less sugar, 130 calories for each cup and made with fresh 1 % milk, plus in a convenient container

I would say the biggest draw back to this product is its purchase price and how much you get,  especially compared to a large powder container. So I recommend this product for people that drink nesquik once in while but not to ones that frequently do. 

 Pure Protein Bar

How I Got It?

My mom found a freebie coupon in our local newspaper and thought to try it out. We found this at superstore as well and was priced at over 2 bucks. Three of us tried a piece. We all had our opinions.


I don't have much positive to say about this product and I didn't expect a protein bar to be good anyways, but I thought it at least be alright. I was wrong.

From each persons opinion, its overall taste was very bland and the texture was very dry,chewy and grindy. No one recommended this for someone to eat.   We all agreed we preferred eating a unhealthy chocolate bar with the same calorie count or make eat a homemade granola bar.I say the only close positive comment about this product is their way of representing their product on their wrapper as looking like a delicious gooey chocolate bar. Even then thats kind of miss representing. but I cant be all mean, have to say something nice lol. Right? Maybe

Triscuit Thin Crisp ( Parmesan Garlic)

How I Got It?

There was a freebie coupon on Triscuit Face book page ( no longer there). I Click "like" and filled out my information to receive a coupon in the mail. After a wait I received that little card leaning against the thin crisp with one coupon for one box of any flavor of truscuits from crackers to thin crisp. There was also a few recipes for some of the cracker flavors. I got this at wal-mart and it was actually on sale. So I technically got it free for less lol.


 This is so far my favorite free product I have tried. I love truscuit products and It was awesome I got to choose one box of any flavor I wanted for free.   I chose to try their thin crisps and Parmesan garlic is now added to my favorite list from them. These are really flavorful and crunchy.You will however get some strong garlic breath after just eating one, but they are so yummy it doesn't matter.

So I give two thumbs up for this product and I recommend trying them with some really yummy dip or have it with some creamy soup.  The only drawback I can think of  for this product is their is never enough in the bags and I wish their were bigger boxes. Because crackers and crisps go so fast especially Truscuits because they are so good. The price for this product is also not to bad, but if you can find it on sale or have a coupon then that's a win :).If your lucky you can get it free once in a while lol.

 Skinny Cow Single Serving (Caramel Swirl)

How I Got It?

A freebie single serving coupon on Nestle Skinny Cow Facebook Page( Its still there!). Clicked "Like" and clicked the coupon tab. Receive a printable coupon for one single serving cup, choice of three different flavors ( fudge chocolate brownie, caramel swirl and cookies and cream). Found this at wal-mart in the freezer ice cream section.


I tired the caramel swirl and I thought this dessert was really sweet. Not a bad sweet, but others may think its overpowering. Its creamy and has a slightly different texture since its made with evaporated skim milk. It has a really nice caramel flavor, but I would of liked more caramel in it. This single serving cup is 150 calories but is 98% fat free. I would say this is a good freebie because I would not paid $1.66 plus tax for one cup for this amount of dessert.However its good for a once and while treat, but better off finding a larger batch container if their is one.

Ummm it looks like I ran out of freebies to talk about :( .Plus now that Canada post is on strike all through Canada I wont be testing out as much. Lets just hope there are more freebies that are printable! But we still have recipes to share!


  1. Wonderful reviews my friend! Did that ice cream have aspartame in it? I'm wondering how they cut down on the calories? I like the sound of the Triscuits, that is my kind of cracker. Nice job!

  2. @Suzie Ridler

    Thank you Suzie! It was fun :)
    There was no listing of aspartame in the ingredients and they say their using skim milk products, evaporated and condensed. Yes, truscuits are my favorite!


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