Thursday, June 02, 2011

Testing Free Samples!

I just tried out the second flavor of crystal light, which is strawberry orange banana. This one I actually liked better then raspberry ice. It reminded me a lot of oasis strawberry kiwi flavored juice. It was really good and was particularly refreshing with ice. It was also quite fulling or that may of been me drinking it to fast :)

However for me I wasn't really able to detect a banana or orange flavor to easily. I tasted basically strawberry flavor and their may of been a slight orange to it that I missed, but the main flavor was the strongest. This wasn't a big deal to me though because I like strong strawberry flavor and overall I recommend this drink. Anyone that wants a lower calorie juice once in while and love strawberry drinks I would choose this. Also if anyone see free samples from crystal light in the future you shouldn't definitely order. You may like it you may not, but their  will be at least someone around that will love it :D. So try it out yourself!

In other news in Canada I found out Thursday morning is the last day to receive parcels or letters in the mail.Not including important mail like bills,government cheaques etc.Reason being is Canada post employees are planning to strike, Thursday midnight.So I'm crossing my fingers that I'll  receive a few more things in the morning to hold me over and
hopefully everything gets worked out without this going for too long.

Next I will test out my last flavor lemon-lime..... Stay tune

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