Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Samples And Giveaway Win! Getting Mail Has Become Exciting!

 Today has started out to be really great and I hope it continues. I just received a couple great things in the mail including one of my giveaway wins :D. Its made checking out the mail really fun and surprising :). So since I've been telling all of you what has been happening recently its fair to say I should show you what I got right? Well I made sure to take a few pictures for your enjoyment.

First I received a free sample I order a while back. So I am super excited that it finally came...

Hooray! As you can see I got 3 samples of crystal light and I actually tried out one right away. I made the raspberry ice flavored drink and it surprised me with how strong in flavor it was. Its quite sweet to me though, but it still taste good. I would agree its a great replacement to those higher calorie juices and if you love raspberry flavor you will love this. I haven't tried the other flavors yet, but  I know I'm not a lemon-lime lover lol.

I even will show you some proof I drank some :D

I got one of my giveaway wins today and it was the 6 surprise bracelets handcrafted by Michele Stalker, who sales beautiful and affordable jewelry on her Etsy shop.  Thank you Michele for the bracelets they are beautiful and now I can start a bracelet collection :). Also thank you to Pretty Blushes for the great giveaway you launched. Keep up the good work on your blog :)

I loved receiving these bracelet in the mail today because it was a complete surprise to what kind I was going to get in sense of color and beads. I think its the best way to have giveaways. Give the reader a little information but keep them surprised all the way through :)

Now I can start a bracelet collection for myself and I already have favorites out of this collection. It is the red and white bead bracelets and the green bead bracelets. They are all unique and beautiful in their own ways. Thank you for the winnings! It definitely made my day brighter. Let just hope this brightness lasts all through the day.

Not done yet! My mom even wanted to be part of the collection. She chose this one has one of her favorites!Very pretty. It suit her very well :)

 Everyone have a great day!


  1. I've tried the raspberry crystal light, but not the other two. Let me know what those are like :D The bracelets are so pretty! Congrats!

  2. Hey sis :)

    It was pretty yummy and I'm new to all 3 flavors so I'll be sure to come back and review the other two for others to see :). Thanks you for the congrats! Now on to waiting for more free samples

  3. No doubt eh! Sucks they postal service is striking :( I have samples coming too! :(

    Last night I bought a flavor of crystal light that has now become my new favorite! Manderine Grapefruit, it is sooooo yummy! And now overwhelming in grapefruit. It's delcious, next time you are over, you will have to try it!


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