Saturday, June 18, 2011

Super Mario Cookie Plant!

I made these cute little treats for my nephew's super hero birthday party that was last Saturday. He loves Super Mario so I thought I do a themed lollipop cookie and spruce it up with an idea of being a plant.

I have seen so many really creative cookies and stands all over the internet. So I really wanted to try it out for myself  for the first time and surprisingly it was really easy to make.

To set up the stand I took a planter that was around outside and fixed it up. I found a piece of Styrofoam in a flower stand and placed it in the middle of the planter, which was the best thing for the lollipops to stick into to stay up. I also used some plastic goodie bags, cut them in half and used them as wrappers along with some ribbon to tie. I then added in some green and purple raffia to cover up the Styrofoam, which can be done after or before putting the lollipop cookies in.Pretty simple right? plus you can add your own special ideas.

For a closer look you can see I put a special little note on the planter for the party :). If only these cookies really gave you the powers in super Mario. Well maybe the star power, hence the sugar rush going straight to your head making you jumpy. :). I cant promise aerobatic moves though lol.Now I really want to make those little bomb guys, too cute

Now on to the fun edible part of this creation.

I made the ideal sugar cookie from Martha Stewart and they were perfect. They are the basic cookie everyone loves,plus stable and strong for lollipop cookies.I also used a easy royal icing with the exception of lemon. It was great for decorating.Super fun to make and so easy :).

Now I guess your wondering how I got my shapes for these special cookies. My sister made two templates out of her template making material. So now I have a homemade reusable star and mushroom. Second best thing from cookie cutters. :).

  To use them I place them on rolled out dough and took a sharp knife to cut out the shapes, pretty easy :). 

For assembling I  proceeded to place the cookies on a nonstick pan and pressed the lollipop sticks in lightly. I baked them till golden brown and then completely cooled them. I then decorated the cookies with colored royal icing( white,red, yellow, light blue, and light green) A reusable piping bag was also used  to make the white circles on the mushrooms and chocolate straight sprinkles were used for the eyes.
   It was a lot of fun to create and challenge my decorating skills.They came out better then I thought they would. So now I feel like I can start pipping and decorating more.I also want to make more thing with lollipop sticks. Chocolates, cakes,brownies etc....


  1. Thank you so much for making these! They were so great! Everyone loved them :D The only downside was that they were eaten to fast!! But that's always a compliment to the baker :)

    I've seen at some coffee shopes cake rolled into a ball shape and put on a stick! Anything on a stick seems popular and fun to eat lol :)


    PS I couldn't log in through my google kept going in an endless loop of logging in and reloading you page. I had that problem with other blogspot blogs too :(

  2. @Anonymous

    Your welcome!, Yeah they do go fast after all the work you put into them,but thats awesome :). Yeah I've seen cake pops and brownie pops before all decorated, quite cute :)

    PS: I have had the same thing with the endless loop.

  3. Your cookies are so beautiful and cute :) I love the star, very lovely :) Cookie decorating is a great activity, I love it, too :D

  4. I tried your cookies and like the rest ...they just don't last I wanted to personally thank you for sharing the tremoudous recipe.

  5. Thank you Wanda, I'm glad you and everyone us liked them. What shapes did you do?


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