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Gobble Gobble Gobble! Happy Thanksgiving In Canada

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada and for the ones in the U.S Happy Thanksgiving in November.Yes, I know its a day earlier but I want everyone to see this recipe before everyone has their feast. Never know you might want to make these treats.Whenever you celebrate this day its definitely the start of all fall baking. Making those delicious apple, pumpkin, or pecan pies. However I've got some thing different for all you to try out for your delicious feast. How about turkey biscuits, No there not made of turkey, but more like they are shaped like turkeys.Trust me they are way cuter then the real birds!

These scrumptious turkeys are made from a simple cheddar cheese biscuit recipe I found on food network, along with a few minor adjustments to be thanksgiving friendly. I was able to make about 10 turkeys and using the extra scrapes to make a itty bitty pumpkin.The recipe was pretty simple to follow and now I only wish I doubled the ingredients to make more turkeys.

I was actually super surprised by this recipe because I had some worrisome thoughts the whole time I was cutting the shapes that they would spread to much or even break at the fragile parts.However It was perfectly fine and the biscuits held up their shape wonderfully.

I highly recommend trying this recipe for your thanksgiving meal and if you don't have a turkey cookie cutter you can easily make a homemade one. I actually did that myself with this recipe using a piece of cupboard and taking some references off the Internet. Here are the two pictures I went by to create my cutter.

Turkey Body Reference
Turkey Head Reference

Now here's my final product and I've noticed you definitely need some craft skills when you have a passion for baking.

Anyways I'll leave all of you with a simple short post for today.Enjoy the long weekend! Sonner or layter is going to be Halloween,stay tune for some treats. 


  1. Fantastic! I just love it and way to be in such a festival holiday mood. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. u won the apron giveaway on my blog. send me an email! yay!


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