Sunday, October 30, 2011

Creepy Bloody Bones

I just received this adorable apron in the mail and It came all the way from Oklahoma.This is actually my very first giveaway win from that state and I might as well start covering the map.This apron has become my Halloween celebration gift because I was able to wear it while I tested out some creepy treats.This is by far my perfect apron because its long,adjustable,made of sturdy material and the best part it has no ties at the neck.Its simple and the quote "Peace,Love And Cookie Dough" is perfect. People really should live by those three very words.

Green Couch Design
 is the business that creates the prints for this very apron and they also offer other adorable items in their kitchen line.They also offer other product lines like jewelry,ornaments,bed designs,coffee tables,room dividers and tufa pots.They also have another quote that is my favorite.They offer "Just beat it" quote and its the cutest print I've seen.It makes me want to breakout in dance throughout the kitchen.I have no idea if they got this idea from the song, but it still makes me want to dance to Michael Jackson's music while I make cookie dough.Thank you so much Megan and Cale for your great designs and apron.Hope you like my photo pose!

Anyways, everyone must be interested in these creepy treats I made?Right?Yes! Well I wanted to stay clear of the sweet stuff this time and venture into the savory treats.Now when you hear the word bread stick.You probably think salty and boring bread,right? If that's not what you thought,well that's sure what sparked into my brain.Well since I thought it was boring I made sure these bread sticks transformed into something exciting like creepy and all so chilling arm and leg bones.

Not so boring anymore right?Yes! These are by far the simplest, delicious and all so creepy appetizers you could make for a Halloween party.They pair so well with any food and they are so adaptable to any spice or sauce you could choose.Don't be a scaredy cat by the bone idea either because its so easy to transform these bread sticks by simply knowing how to tie the knots.Then POOF! a perfect arm or leg bones.

The ingredients are very common and go on an add your own favorite spices to the mix if you take on this recipe.Just remember when you make these bone bread sticks to always have warm water and the right amount of yeast.Without those important item you will either end with some pretty flat bones or to big of bones.Just follow the recipe and you will be perfectly fine.Even if you do come to a problem just come on by and leave a comment or e-mail me.I love to help with any problem you may be having.

I really had a lot of creative fun with this recipe and I've actually used this recipe many times in the past, being 
that's its one of my high school recipes.These are simply buttery bones with a slight flavor of spice.These pair so well with store bought of homemade salsa.They actually become extremely addicting when you add the salsa into the equation.I wonder what other sauces or dips would taste good with these bones.I won't be able to find out for a while now because they were all eaten up so fast.However the salsa is the best for the spooky aspect of Halloween and twenty four leg and arm bones were all munched up by the stomachs.When their gone that fast I can only be happy about it because it means I did a good job.

I can really see why these are so delicious.They actually cover the board of texture and are so mild they go well with any dip or sauce.You've got you slight crunch,your chewy and soft aspect and when warm you have that fresh texture.Bread always seems to be a big lover of many,especially when fresh;however I am just as happy wit day old bread.I don't make bread products all that often,but when I do I like to try out new ideas and flavors. I give this recipe a 5 out or 5.No problems aroused and its just a simple delicious recipe.

These are just simple bread sticks, but when you bring in a simple chance many people get interested in it again.If I had just made bread stick I don't think they would of been eaten that fast.Bringing creativity into the mix really gets peoples attention.Anyways only 1 day left till Halloween! Today's Hallow's Eve! and who knows what I'll squeeze in for Halloween day.Might see something sweet,savory, humorous,who knows?

Everyone have a great Hallows-eve!

Creepy Bones 
(Adapted From Italian Bread Sticks,Italian Foods 11)

250ml all purpose flour
1ml salt
1ml sugar
7ml quick acting yeast
10ml light olive oil
125ml warm water
65ml all purpose flour
15ml margarine or butter,melted
1ml Italian spice
1ml tarragon

1.Mix 250ml of flour,salt and sugar in a medium sized bowl.Sprinkle yeast on top and stir.

2.Measure warm water and oil.Add the oil to the water.

3.Add wet to dry,stir with a wooden spoon till forms into a ball.Add the 65ml of flour, gradually to the dough.

4.Knead for 5 minutes, till smooth.Let rest for 5 minutes.

5.Roll dough out into a rectangle, about quarter inch thick.

6.Score into thirds and then into halves.Should get at least 3 strips on each halve.

7.Then tie a knot on each end of the strips and let them rest on a nonstick or greased cookie sheet.Let rise for 20+ minutes, until puffy.

8.Melt margarine in bowl and add spices.Brush the mixture on the bread sticks.Once risen, bake at 375F for 15-20 minutes, nicely golden brown.

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