Tuesday, October 04, 2011

My 21st Birthday!

Happy Birthday Food Network And Happy 21th Birthday To Me!
My avatar! Krysta Version!

At my birthday party!

I am really excited that me and food network share the same birthday. Its seems the biggest coincidence that one day It would become my favorite channel and I would have a passion for food, especially towards pastry arts.It was meant to be in some way :).

For my 21th birthday I had a great family party on Sunday.We had lots of variety of food along with some of my favorites. My mom made a delicious Oreo party cheesecake and It was super rich, but oh so good. I was super spoiled on that day with all the great gift I received and everyone knows what I really like, Baking stuff!. I also have come to realize though that with this passion it comes with endless ideas for gifts, which is pretty awesome There will be always something new in the food world.

I got some really neat baking items , jewelry pieces and a gift card.I used my gift card towards my new computer that I'm using right this minute. I'm super excited to have something brand new to use for my blogging and have no problems. I am also excited to use my new baking equipment for my future recipes.I even used a few items last night to make my delicious strawberry cupcakes for my birthday today. Thank you everyone for the lovely gifts!


  1. Happy Birthday and yes, so cool it is also FNC's too! What a lot of foodie loot, people really know and understand where you passion lies, that is beautiful. Hugs!

  2. Happy belated Birthday, Berendina!
    Your mom's Oreo cheescake looks amazing! It looks as though you received a lot of fun baking tools (I have the same cake leveler, it works wonders on cakes that would have been destined to be single-layered). Have fun! :D


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