Sunday, October 16, 2011

Spooky Halloween Shapes

Last night I made spooky rice crispy.Ghosts, pumpkins, kitty cats,blood thirsty bats, and crescent moons.Some are decorated with milk chocolate chips and others are left as is.I used Halloween molds and cookie cutters to create the shapes. The cutters were deemed the best in creating the shapes (shown above) However a lot of work was needed to mold and flatten out the sticky mixture to cut them out. My hands were very sore afterwards, but it was worth it.

The spooky shapes with chocolate chips were the ones made with molds.They didn't create the most efficient look as the cutters did, but they were simple to full and pop out of the molds. I used the original Rice crispy cereal recipe on the box to create all of these.

Look out for more chilling, scary treats coming your way!


  1. How creative idea! I love rice crispies and these look delicious with added chocolate :)

  2. We love making rice krispie treats in shapes and always use our cookie cutters.


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