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Halloween Buns

Do you love the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven? Well if you do this is a must read and if you love Halloween I plead with you to stay right here.These are the simplest buns you could ever make and guess what you can make any shape you like. For the month of October I chose to make my batch into spooky characters.I used my creativity and cookie cutters to come up with the shapes.

Are you interested in hearing more? Yes!

Well these little buns are deliously golden and crisp on the outside, while being fluffy and chewy on the inside.They are so much like kaiser buns in texture and flavor, its insane.The spooky shapes are a way to make the recipe more fun and to spread the Halloween spirit around here. I even have a favorite of the bunch, the creepy crawly spider buns. These tarantula sized creatures are creepy enough that a family member won't even eat one.

But back to the basics here.The recipe is very simple to follow and actually uses very common ingredients. The only downside is the time consumption from the rising dough factor.However these buns are a little different because they are a cool rise bun.What's that you ask? Well their buns that rise in the fridge instead of in a room temperature environment.Opposite way from what most recipes do; however one positive to this choice is the pans are out of your way when the cleaning has to be done.

Also in any recipe using yeast its extremely important to always have the water, warm.It cannot be HOT or COLD! Always check before adding.I don't want any of you to end up with flat buns.

If everyone follows the warm water advice in this recipe you will end up with dough doubling in size all by its self in the fridge and then its zapped with a high heat in the oven where it rises even more. Then you end up with freshly baked Halloween bread and I highly recommend it with cream cheese or even ham and cheese. They are the best right out of the oven;however they have ten times more flavor the next day.

Whatever shape you make them or whatever spread you have on them.We can all agree they sure are fun to eat!

Look out for more delicious treats!

Halloween Cool Rise Buns 
(Berendina Dykema Recipe,Foods Class 11/12)

750ml all purpose flour
14ml quick acting yeast
14ml granulated sugar
6ml table salt
30ml soft or hard margarine
280ml warm water

1.Measure warm water.Add the margarine to the water.Microwave in 10 second increments, till margarine is almost melted. Take out, stir and set aside.

2.Add half of the flour (375ml) to a large bowl.Add the sugar,salt and yeast,stir.

3. Once the margarine is fully melted and the water is warm( NOT HOT!). Add the wet to the dry,stir.

4. Gradually add the rest of the flour, till fully incorporated.

5.  Knead for 8-10 minutes, till dough is smooth.

6.  Grease 2 cookie sheets

7.  Divide dough in 12+ balls.

8.  Make shapes and place on sheet. Cookie cutters are useful.

9. Cover sheets with saran and chill in the fridge till double in size or keep overnight.

10.Bake the buns at 375F for 20-30 minutes, till golden brown.Cool on a rack.Best serve warm.

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  1. Those are absolutely amazing! Very creative, I love it, nicely done!


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