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Deliciously Tasty Blueberry Banana Bread

I was seriously craving some good old fashion banana bread and blueberries.So I looked up a banana bread recipe off "The Joy Of Baking" and altered some ingredients along the way while adding an extra item of blueberries. 

 The quick bread was deliciously moist and cast off a wonderful deep aroma.The two fruits complimented each other so well and the flavors actually danced in my mouth. This banana bread, especially with the berries is so good warm with some butter spread on top while its absorbing into the treat. I recommend the recipe and adding your own touches to it.Add you own fruits that you love and create something that everyone will love.

What I Did:
  • Added 2 cups blueberries and added some to the top.
  • Eliminates the roasted nuts.
  • Added less then a tsp of nutmeg.

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