Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Updates...... and more Updates

For all my fellow readers and follower, I would like you all to know that I have switched back to Google comments. The reason I did so was the previous comment systems I  have used both have problems and bugs involved with them. They may perfectly work for yourself or others;however it has caused problems for me. So anyone that has commented on my blog while I was using intense debate, I no longer have those comments on  here. If anyone knows how to import intense debate comments into blogger?, please comment!. It would definitely help. I saved my comments, but I have no idea if blogger has a import for comments.So if anyone knows please comment.

I have also recently been going through a lot of changes in my blogs template, looks and gadgets.I get bored easily with my blogs looks and begin messing around with it to make it better. So expect my blog to change a lot in looks but material wont change any.



  1. I had the same problem with intense debate, remember the day I was at the house :( There is no way to import the comments back to blogger. What I did was copy and pasted them back to the blogger format. I used the anyonmous option and just did the commenters name/blog and the comment. You can see it here on this blog post...

    I like this blog layout, its really cute and reminds me of a cupcake! You should keep this layout for a bit :)

  2. Yah, thats really unfair that you cant import when they actually have a saving comment import in intense debate.However blogger doesn't seem to have a thing for that.May in future,

    Maybe ill try your idea, but i think the people that commented are regular visitors now so they will comment on new things again.

    Hahaha yah thanks, I think I like this one more. I had it before but now Ive changed it up. I like larger or wider blog posts for writing.Definitely helps out the photos.


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