Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chocolate...Cherries... Whip Cream :D What's Not To Love?

It was my mom's 52nd Birthday celebration on Saturday with all the family coming over for turkey dinner and her blowing out the candles on the homemade Black Forest Cake I made her. This is my first attempt at ever making a Black Forrest and it was really delicious with very positive comments from the family. It doesn't have the best piping to most, but I'm learning to update my piping skills  with practice and create better works of art.

If you have never tried Black Forrest Cake well let me explain. It involves a delicious dark moist chocolate cake along with a sweet, smooth cherry filling, which can be homemade.Also has a homemade light and airy whipped cream frosting in between layers along with piping for decoration. I find it amazing how 3 different ingredients come together so nicely and make something 10 times better. I love black forest cake and If your a lover of cherries and chocolate like me you will love this recipe to and the cake as well.

So try it out yourself  because the baking season is upon us now. :D

What I Did:
  • Made used all the juice from the sour cherries for the sauce, I estimated how much more cornstarch to add.
  • Did not tear one split layer into crumbs, I just added another layer to the cake.
  • Added Hershey milk chocolate shavings.


  1. That is one gorgeous cake! I love the combination of chocolate and cherries.

  2. Oh my God!!! I love cake, ice cream and cereal!This is genius! I have to try this recipe. . .immediately!I only look at the pictures and try the recipes!


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