Sunday, September 05, 2010

Try Your Hand At Making Scone

I'm sad to say there's no photos of the "blueberry streusel scones" I made. Most of them were eaten, giving away and the two left , there was no camera in sight.I gave the rest to David to try out and he really liked them.He told me that they smell really wonderful and devoured two in no time.

They were relatively easy to make and I would recommend always using fresh blueberries like they say. I tried frozen blueberries and it made the dough very wet(purple color as well).It made it difficult to handle, but I was able to get it together and they still came out wonderfully.

They streusel topping made them smell like fresh cinnamon buns and the blueberries gave the quick bread a great balance of sweetness. They are really great to serve warm at breakfast and brunch.

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