Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Doodles & Stories

Today, my awesome friend Krysta, who also has a creative blog about her artistic talents has made me a paper doll. I find her doodle super cute and I just had to post it as my face book picture and here on my blog,especially when you can see it involves baking.

For this doodle I made up a frictional story to go behind it. The rolling pin symbolizes my love for baking and I guess my character weapon of choice lol. My character is baking up cupcakes and David's character is attempting to steal frosting off of one of the cakes and maybe take a whole cupcake,  if its possible; however its too late for that because my character has whacked him in the head with a rolling pin and he is now seeing dancing cupcakes instead of stars. My character then holds up her rolling pin in triumph with a big smile, while dragging her significant other by the collar. It seems she has won this round in the kitchen.

I really like Krysta's little doodles, especially the ones involving real people because I love making up stories to go along with them.Keep up the good work Krysta, and I'm still thinking of an animal you can doodle for me, ummm?

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