Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pizzaladiere The French Pastry

These are pizzaladiere which are France's answer to a pizza.

These are definitely tasty little appetizers to serve at a party,a lunch or as a side dish at a dinner.They have a lovely flavour combo of sweet,savory, spicy, and buttery.The texture is a combination of thin layers of pastry and a crunchy exterior. They also have a pizza like appearance.

I saw these recipes on the show "Rachel Allen Bake!" and the recipes are posted on the "Good Food Channel" website which is linked in red at the bottom of the page.Anyways,she mentioned you can make it with shortcrust pastry or puff pastry.I chose to make puff pastry.

The puff pastry recipe choice is quite time consuming due to the fact of the rolling,folding and chilling to achieve the thin layers of pastry;however in the end you achieve a unique texture and flavour. This recipe was a new learning experience for me, who has never made a puff pastry till now.I enjoy myself in making the puff pastry and it actually had really easy to follow directions and the shortcrust pastry had simple direction as well.

Its all in the choice of what you would like to make in a pastry.For example, if you are strapped for time and a need a quick appetizer then go with the shortcrust pastry. If you want a thin layered pastry and have the time to make it go with the puff pastry.

I give full credit for these recipes to the Rachael Allen Bake! Show and the Good Food Channel website for posting the recipes.

Links are below:

Rachael Allen Bake!: Pizzaladiere Shortcrust Pastry(written recipe)

Rachael Allen Bake!: Pizzaladiere Puff Pastry (video)

Have fun,enjoy and learn something new!

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