Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fudgy,Nutty,Chewy Brownies

Yay! Brownies!

I'll have to give blame as while as credit to my sister, my brother in- law and my nephew for putting brownies in my head;however for people to know I don't mean literally stacking brownies in an open head.That really would just ruin these delicious simple brownies.

These brownies come from one of my high school recipes, but I added the nuts for my personal touch to the baking.These delicious wonders have got the slight texture of fudge, a nutty texture and all around chewy. Their not terribly rich like fudge is,but its enough chocolate flavor where people end up coming back for more.They have a lovely appearance as you can see, where the glaze is given great emphasis to the hazelnuts.

This recipe is simple to follow, easy ingredients and will impress anyone.Add your own personal touches to these brownies, maybe you could add variety of nuts,dry fruits or just have the simple brownie everyone loves.Enjoy!

Hazelnut Brownies
( Adapted From Fudge Brownies, Written By Me, High School Recipe)
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150ml margarine
75ml cocoa
250ml sugar
175ml flour
2 eggs
5ml vanilla
125ml-250 ml chopped hazelnuts

(2 oz)Two pieces of bakers semisweet chocolate
15ml milk

1. Preheat 400F.
2. Melt margarine,35 seconds.
3. Mix flour,sugar, chopped hazelnuts, and sifted cocoa in a lg bowl.
4. Once margarine is cooled, add eggs and vanilla to fat.
5. Add wet to dry, beat until spoon.
6. Pour in a greased pan, spread evenly.
7. Bake for 15-20 minutes.


1. Melt chocolate in a double boiler, medium heat.
2. Add milk, stir until glaze is smooth.
3. Spread over baked hot brownies. Let set.

 (You can also microwave the ingredients in a sm bowl)


  1. I took a nibble of each type of the brownies you made and this one has my vote! :) Yum!


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