Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day Breakfast And Dessert!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mom's out there.

For Mother's Day, me and the help from my older sister made a lovely breakfast for our parents, in which was served  Fresh Strawberry Crepes (took no photographs for blog, look at link).While they were eating their delicious breakfast our wonderful mother opened our gifts and cards.She was very impressed by the gifts and gave positive comments towards the breakfast.

The fresh fruit crepes that I made excluded strawberries because I had none at the time so I went with another of her favorites, peaches.In the recipe, I used canned sliced peaches,in which it gave a wonderful refreshing taste and the juices gave a wonderful absorbing sweetness in the crepes.I tried one myself and they were delicious; however one crepe is quite fulling so I recommend eating slowly or just don't use as much filling as asked.I do really recommend this ,especially for a fancy breakfast or even as a dessert.So check out the link at Foodista.

Later in the afternoon,I got my baking game face on for Flourless Chocolate Cake recipe(from Martha Stewart), in which is something I have never made before and was willing to challenge myself, even if it came out horrible.In the end, there was no accidents or slip up and it came out wonderfully.Everyone in my family was very impressed by the dessert I made for Mother's Day dinner and I was very glad that it came out so well.

I was very impressed by this cakes unique and beautiful crumbly topped appearance.Its texture was very much similar to a souffle in my opinion in sense of the very similar ingredients used.I would describe it in words as airy,creamy, and smooth.Along with its rich, pure dark chocolate flavor and how it fulfills your chocolate craving in just one bite.I had one piece and I was so full after the last bite, so I also recommend eating slowly with this and have on hand milk or coffee

I was very impressed by both recipes and they were really simple layout directions to follow.So try them out for ourselves.If you need a recipe for a fancy breakfast or even a dessert go with the fruit crepes. If your up for a rich and airy chocolate cake with no flour added go with the chocolate cake.Also the cake is from Martha Stewart online so how could you go wrong with her recipes.The flour less chocolate cake would be a wonderful alternative for the people allergic or get sick from flour based products or gluten products.So try it out for yourself and have fun with your baking.Enjoy! Comment!

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