Tuesday, May 25, 2010

They Really Taste Like Goldfish

These deliciously cheesy rich crackers actually are so similar in texture and flavor of goldfish crackers. I was wonderfully surprise how exact they were besides the shape I made them into(triangles). When I  was looking for a simple cracker snack to bring along for our Vancouver day trip with my family I saw this simple cheddar goldfish cracker recipe, but I didn't think that it would be so similar.

The recipe was really easy to follow and it makes a lot of crackers depending on what shape you like to make them into. For me, I just did a simple triangular shape, which made about 3-5 dozen crackers;however in the recipe for fish shape it makes about 40 crackers.They are wonderfully rich in cheddar flavor along with a great crunchy, puffy and airy texture. Their appearance really is an important aspect in their attraction to be eaten so quickly that its hard to bake one batch without having some missing in the process. The crackers that I made certainly got munch on in the process and then devour to nothing for our trip, but that's a great sign they were really good. So try them out yourself and enjoy.

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